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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. this hour, bloody terror on the streets of new york. a madman goes on a 24-hour stabbing rampage. four people are dead. what took so long to catch him? egypt's new connection to america's civil rights hero. how a forgotten comic inspired activists. dr. king's daughter joins us live this hour. how much money and groveling to satisfy super bowl ticket holders? apparently a lot because they're
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suing the nfl for millions. in developing wild news, winds whipping up fires out west. we're watching to see where they're spreading. we start in mexico city where eight people are dead in a mass shooting in the suburbs according to mexican news agency. seven died in a drive-by shooting, another victim found dead on the streets. police say this may be part of a turf war over the city's drug trade. we are going to get a full report on this in just a few minutes on cnn. and cairo, egypt's military leaders are wasting little time taking charge. the constitution has been suspended and parliament is no more. but the military says it has no intention of staying longer thank necessary and vows to return power to civilian leadership in six months or until elections can be held. egyptian activists warn of more mass demonstrations. but there are growing signs of
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life returning to normal. a report from cairo is just ahead. signs today that discontent is spreading across the arab world. hundreds of protesters marched in yemen's capital. they were blocked getting close to the presidential palace. witnesses reported seeing scuffles between demonstrators and police. at least 12 people were arrested. yemen's president ruled for 32 years and pledged to step down two years from now. pro-democracy activists in algeria hope their government will be the next to fall. they clashed today after a bigger protest in the capital. they're calling for another rally a week from today. the state department says it's following the protests closely and the rights of the people to assembly and freedom of expression should be respected. across italy today, a wave of protests and against the prime minister. hundreds of thousands of
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demonstrators turned out in more than 200 italian cities. the prime minister is dogged by a series of sex scandals protesters say they're fed up with the way he treats women and the way women are treated in the italian society. president barack obama tomorrow unveils the new frel budget for 2012 and the white house says it cuts deficits by 1.1 trillion over 10 years. most of the details are still under wraps. we know the president plans a five-year freeze on non-security discretionary spend frging a saf $470 million. a prominent arizona businessman has resigned after being arrested on child prostitution charges. michael gillian was ceo of sun flower farmer's market and founded wild oats market that later sold to whole foods. he's accused of soliciting sex from a girl who identified
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herself as a minor. police say he set up a meeting with the girl online and drove to a hotel to have sex. the ultimate buzz killer. just hit hugh heffner's playboy mansion. they're investigating if the mansion is linked to the illnesses of about 100 people. the victims told our affiliate ktla they became sick after attending a fund-raiser there earlier this month. the symptoms include fever, violent headaches and breathing problems. some of the sick have already been diagnosed with a mild form of leginaiare's disease. there's a new 747-8 intercontinental designed to be quieter and full efficient. it's also boeing's biggest passenger plane ever, more than
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15 feet longer than the most recent version of the 757. first deliveries are expected in the fall. want to give you more on the developing story in mexico. a deadly drive-by in a mexico city suburb. eight people are dead. the drug war, the most likely explanation here. nick valencia follows mexico very closely. tell us what we learned about this. >> this is a different incident from what happened yesterday. that's scary. this drug violence you see more and more headlines like this. you have a suburb just outside of mexico city. seven people shot on the dead. another person found dead on the street. two victims are women. don, a little bit about the area. it's a small, little suburb also referred to as actually an industrial part of town. industrial part of the city. lower economic area. not entirely impoverished but it is lower class of people that
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live in the area. >> i know we talked about a different incident yesterday but all based in mexico. this is a suburb. the other was a tourist area and mostly see things happening like this in juarez. we don't see it happening in these areas. explain to us something different about this neighborhood. >> that's right. a majority of the violence in three states of mexico. you hear about juarez. northern mexico is the battleground for the cartels. this area is highly contentious lately. we got off the phone with the mexican attorney general's office. told us that this area has seen a recurrence of drug violence and prosecutors are nervous about that recuring theme. >> does it mean it's spreading, though? >> it is -- last year in the development of the drug war in 2010 what you saw and worried people is this violence starting to get to the fringes of tourist areas. now starting to become part of the tourist areas. yesterday we saw that happen and
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today we see it just on the outskirts of mexico city. this is the state of mexico. a state that has largely been unaffected by the violence seeing it trickle on into the part of the town. >> very disturbing what happened yesterday and the suburb and all over mexico. nick have lens yevalencia, than much. now egypt. there are some similarities, talking to a couple of guests who know the civil rights movement very well. it was once a lifetime moment for some ticketholders for a trip to the super bowl. when they got to the seats, the seats weren't there. the nfl made offers to make up for the mistake but some have already filed suit. it is a class-action suit. asking one of the attorneys involved in the nfl offer, why isn't it good enough? caught on tape. a wrong-way driver on the
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basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. today in egypt was a beginning of a new work week. the first in 30 years without hosni mubarak as president. frederick pleitgen is there. >> reporter: only a few days ago
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this place here was a battleground. we are on tahrir square and what's happening ever since hosni mubarak stood down is that shops are actually reopening here on the square. this is a souvenir shop. we have seen travel agents reopening in a bid to try to get life back to normal. >> yes, i am very happy because we are here today. >> egyptians need to leave the square now. >> reporter: there are still a few protesters here in tahrir square, but many are telling us that now they feel is the time to go home. they don't believe that the protests should continue. they think it's time to go back to work. like these people over here are saying that now is the time to rebuild egypt and to stop protesting. >> okay. the most important thing now we have to clean our square and then go back to our work and to do our jobs so egypt has a great zeal and we have to do our best to make our country high on
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high. >> reporter: at the same time, you have a lot of traffic that is coming back to tahrir square. most of the area here is now open to cars and as you can see there are a lot of vehicles that are going through here. the streets are jam packed as they were before the demonstrations although right now it's army soldier who is are directing traffic rather than the traffic police. only seen very few traffic police and it is another sign that life is getting back to normal here on tahrir square and, indeed, in all of egypt. fred pleitgen, cnn, cairo, egypt. it is not all quiet in cairo. after the tumultuous events of the last three weeks, this protest could be considered supremely ironic. police officers demanding shorter hours, more respect. the egyptian police force has been harshly criticized for the violent clashes with the
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demonstrators. bank employees staged their own protest for better pay and top-banking executives to resign there. disturbing news of the artifacts. egyptian officials say an inventory of the egyptian museum in cairo reveals at least 17 ancient treasures are now missing including a guilded wooden statue of king tut and may have been stole anna nicole a reported break-in on january 28th in the early days of the national jup rising. many people are now comparing the revolution in egypt to the u.s. civil rights movement. my guest right now nick cass mills who participating in the selma march in 1965, today a professor at sarah lawrence college and also the author of "like a holy crusade." and with me now here in atlanta, the reverend king, the daughter
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of dr. martin luther king. you are seeing this cartoon they said that was printed 50 years ago and then it was translated into arabic. and that that was the inspiration they believe in part for the protesters in egypt. are you surprised by that? did you know that? >> i didn't know it, actually, until last evening. a gentleman that i know sent it to me and i was not surprised because i know that the nonviolent movement that our father led has inspired so many movements across the world. and when it happened, i said, there has to be some influence of daddy of this. i mean, when it is all said and done we'll discover it so i was delighted to discover it. there's a distinct difference. we call it kingian nonjuice tis. put justice in business. it is not about defeating a
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person. that's what we're trying to do through the king center under my brother's leadership. >> what do you think? do you see the similarities between egypt and the civil rights movement here? >> yes, i do. and i think dr. king's daughter had it down perfectly. i think what's really important, also, is the fact that in egypt and in america there was such a wide representation of people. that was true in the south in the movement that dr. king led and particularly at selma where you had blacks and whites from all over america coming in. it wasn't just a local movement. it was truly an interracial movement in the exact spirit that dr. king wanted. >> and selma in particular was the one that we talked about in this comic book that was printed by the reconciliation group 50 years ago and retranslated and this is a copy of that. this is a copy of the american version, the americanized --
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english version, i should say and then on the inside there's the farsi version and the arabic, as well. that is an old comic book. that has to warm your heart to know that a movement that you participated in had some influence over what's happening there now. >> well, it doesn't just warm my heart in looking back ward but also warms my heart in looking forward. i think in this country in recent years there have been a lot of division so i think the kind of unity and the kind of commitment that dr. king spoke to decades ago still has relevance in the world and it ought to have more relevance for us today. >> bernice? >> that's what i was saying. it is timeless. it is relevant. for all of those people that said nonviolence doesn't work anymore, this is a common-day example that it continues to work and galvanizes, especially young people. i was inspired by the fact this was led predominantly by young people. which was the movement.
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>> which was the movement. as you started to watch the pictures, 19, 20 days ago, coming out here on cnn and watching the pictures that you go, did something click and go, oh? did you think there was a possibility through that nonviolence in the beginning that this -- it would transpire into this? >> you know, i wasn't sure. i was concerned. and i was -- i was. i was ecstatic when i heard all of the reports. and when the message spread about them insisting on being violent. because in the end, nonviolence wins. and so this postures them now to be in a better position. my hope is people know it's as daddy taught those in the movement it's a way of life and especially for courageous people and the young people were courageous. >> what advice do you offer to the people in egypt now? it may have been the easier part as we have been saying, the
6:18 pm
easier part to get hosni mubarak out of office. now comes putting all of those things they want into place. >> well, i think now comes what really is a second stage of the civil rights movement which is kinds of personal equality and kinds of professional equality and kinds of social equality. and i think that's the part where the civil rights movement is had its first phase. i think we're struggling with the second phase to make the kinds of equality we talk about politically real in people's lives and schools and in civil life and that's a much, much harder process to do so i would hope as fanny lou hammer said for them to keep on keeping on but to keep their eye focused on the economy and day-to-day politics next. >> yeah. keep their eye on the prize. right? >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> stay the course. nonviolently. >> we appreciate both of you.
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>> thank you. >> have a great evening. a trip to the super bowl wasn't so super for close to 400 fans. when they got to their seats, the seats weren't there. the next step for many, a lawsuit. we'll talk with one of the attorneys involved and ask where y the nfl's offer to another trip to a super bowl isn't good for them. last week, the video of a teenager allegedly beaten by houston police. this is another video with houston police. legal analyst sonny hosten is here to talk about it. a mom's care package to her son, nice gesture. sending a puppy in a taped up box? not a good idea. she says it's a post office's fault not hers. her courtroom claim straight ahead.
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if you followed the super bowl, 400 fans found out at cowboy stadium they didn't have seats. supposed to sit in a temporary area where seats were being added but the seats were not completed in time. michael avanetti is an attorney and i talked with him in los angeles and i asked him who the plaintiffs are in this case. >> the plaintiffs in this case, don, are the fans that were displaced at cowboy stadium last sunday together with all of the fans that were delayed in getting to their seats. >> how many people are we
6:23 pm
talking about here? >> we are talking about approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people. >> why weren't they told before they got to the game they didn't have seats? >> well, that's an excellent question and one we hope to get to the bottom of because it's clear to us based on comments made by the nfl that the nfl was fully aware before sunday that there were problems with these seats and yet they ignored the problems, hoping that it would just simply go away. >> okay. so this is a class-action suit, right? against whom? who all is involved here? nfl and who? >> we have brought an action against the nfl, jerry jones and the dallas cowboys. >> again, in this suit, how many people involved in this class action? >> approximately 2,500 people. >> in the class action, not just 2,500 that didn't have seats or displaced? offering them triple the face value of a ticket, about $800. do we know, plus other concessions. do we know if everyone paid face
6:24 pm
value for the tickets or more getting them online or another site? >> well, that's the problem. face value is meaningless talking about super bowl tickets. very few fans had the ability to purchase tickets at face value. and the nfl knows that. wednesday before the game, the nfl issued a press release noting that the average super bowl was trading at $4,118. and the cheapest ticket that the nfl was selling on its own website, the nfl ticket exchange, was close to $3,000. so the nfl's offer of $2,400 doesn't even begin to compensate a lot of these fans for the cost of their own ticket. >> how much are you asking for? i understand it's millions. is that correct? >> well, we have alleged $5 million in the complaint. we think it's going to take about that to adequately compensate the fans. >> wait, wait, wait, michael. $5 million for a super bowl ticket? >> no, we are not talking about
6:25 pm
$5 million per fan, don. >> no, i understand that. $5 million for missing the super bowl. just to the average person sounds like a lot of money. >> well, the fact of the matter is that the average cost to attend the super bowl for a fan is somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000 to $10,000 a. lot of these people took out loans, sold assets, a lot of people were die-hard football fans that made it a once in a lifetime opportunity. they got there and they were not given what was sold to them. it's just that simple. >> okay. so let me get -- i understand the nfl made two offers to the fans, to the 400 fans that didn't get a seat to the game. free ticket to next year's super bowl and a cash payment of $2,400. three times they say the face value of the ticket and then others can get ticket to a future super bowl but you don't get the cash settlement. you say that's not enough. >> it's not enough because it won't compensate people for what
6:26 pm
they spent for the ticket alone let alone the travel experiences associated with attending the super bowl. what we have proposed is the nfl step up and merely reimburse people for what they paid along with some other nominal consideration, tickets or something else of that nature. they need to take care of their fans and customers. >> how much is this, if it's $5 million, how much is this for each fan who was displaced? how much are they asking? how much will they get? >> well, what we're asking for is not a set sum. we don't know exactly what the sum of money is. what we're proposing is that the nfl reimburse these fans 100 cents on the dollar for whatever they paid for the ticket and out of pocket expenses. i think it's entirely reasonable. the nfl executives returning from dallas submitted expense reports for the game. the nfl can merely do the same thing for these fans that they promised would have a seat only to then not provide what they --
6:27 pm
what the fans purchased. >> what's next with the case? do you expect to see it settled or do you see it going to court? what's next? >> we hope that it will be resolved and hope that the league will do the right thing and resolve it promptly. league brought in $8 billion of revenue last year. the cowboys valued at $1.8 billion. there's money that the league has at its disposal. this is a rounding error. it's a drop in the bucket for the league to step up an endo the right thing. >> michael, thank you. eight people shot to death in a drive-by and the call for a revolution spreads. two more countries take up the call for freedom. your top stories are next. the biggest stars up for the biggest honors tonight. grammy awards. celebrity watching next. he same. for every warrior who charges into the fight... is another who fights to keep moving forward
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here in the usa. and now we put a prescription discount card in every box so you'll pay no more than $15 on test strips, which is a true american value for people with diabetes like me. [ male announcer ] accu-chek aviva. born in the usa. mexico city. eight people are dead in a mass shooting in the suburbs according to mexican news agency. seven died in a shooting, another victim found dead on the street. police say this may be the part of a turf war over the city's drug trade. and cairo, egypt's military rulers are wasting little time taking charge. constitution has been suspended and parliament is no more. but the political tear says it has no intention of staying loner than necessary. it vows to return power to
6:31 pm
civilian leadership in six months or until elections can be held. egyptian activists warn of more mass demonstrations if the military does not act quickly to restore confidence but there's growing signs of life returning to normal. signs of discontent spreding across the arab world. hundreds of anti-government protesters marched in yemen's capital. witnesses reported seeing scuffles between demonstrators and police. at least 12 people were arrested yemen's president ruled for 32 years and pledged to step down two years from now. prodemocracy activists in algeria hope their government will be the next to fall. demonstrators reportedly clashed with police today one day after a much bigger protest in the capital. opposition groups are calling for another rally one week from today. the state department says it's following the protests closely and that the rights of the
6:32 pm
algerian people to assemble and freedom of expression should be respected. >> windy weather across the country and it's leaving a mess behind. jacqui jeras is here to explain. okay. what's going on? >> it is wickedly windy. the winds bringing in the nice temperatures. you don't want to complain too much but gusts reaching hurricane strength. we have the video out of washington state from yesterday afternoon, evening hours. winds toppling trees. causing scattered power outages and spotty damage across the state and that storm system continues to be on the move and bringing in all kinds of trouble with it. the west, weather pattern changed and expect more wet and windy weather all the way through the week ahead. we have an is series of storms, next one tomorrow. another one on wednesday. so be prepared for more of that. meantime, worst of the winds at this hour, upper midwest, i-90
6:33 pm
corridor, into minneapolis, gusts reaching 40 to 60 miles per hour. that's enough to throw around your trash can and as well and that storm by tomorrow crosses the great lakes, moves into the northeast so we have concerned about travel delays. it is going to be a nice day. bringing in that southerly wind, bringing the temperatures a bit on the mild side and expecting delays in boston, new york city metros. as much as maybe 30 to 60 minutes and philadelphia and washington, d.c. winds as well as some freezing drizzle and detroit about the same. over an hour in san francisco with the approaching storm. expect low clouds and rain throughout the day and portland and seattle, an ugly mess over the next couple of days. big wind maker. give a little, take a little approaching the spring months. 35 days to spring. yes, i'm counting. >> all right. jacqui jeras, thank you. valentine's day. >> tomorrow. >> i'm a scrooge. you like it. >> wearing a red tie. just saying it.
6:34 pm
>> coincidence. thank you. last week, video of a teenager allegedly beaten by houston police. it is not the same video. this is another alleged beating. again involving houston police. sonny hosten is here to talk about it. and caught on tape, a wrong-way driver on the interstate with an amazing ending.
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
want to catch you up on a couple of interesting news stories. divers in hawaii have discovered a shipwreck that belongs to ail-fated captain who inspired
6:37 pm
"moby dick." wreckage of "the two brothers" was found about 600 miles northwest of honolulu. it hit a reef and went down in 1823. the ship's captain george pollapol pollard lost his first ship two years earlier. it was rammed by a whale with an attitude and also shrank. this was captured on cell phone video by another motorist. the driver, 83-year-old clarence kinny walked away with minor injuries and sited for driving the wrong way with a suspended license. he couldn't say how he was in the wrong lanes. the other people in the pile-up suffered minor injuries. second week in a row, houston police taking public criticism because there's a new video that appears to show an officer beating up a suspect as he takes him into custody.
6:38 pm
one of the topics i discussed with sonny who issen, our league contributor for "in session" on tr utv. let's talk about this. this is reportedly happening about two years ago inside a hospital and then last week we discussed a different video from houston that showed an apparent police beating during a different arrest. community activists say they need to be cleaned up. do they have a point? >> they could have a point. i'm not convinced it's systematic from the second video. doesn't compare to the first video released but interesting they trickle out these videos. >> drip, drip, drip. >> is there more to come? if there is, perhaps they need to be cleaned up and see what we saw in l.a. and seeing in other jurisdictions in detroit. i don't know if it's there yet. >> we want to get every side
6:39 pm
here so let's get the perspective. city's perspective here, sonny. houston's mayor says we are reviewing this video and continuing to gather information about this incident. i reiterate that police abuse will not be tolerated and issued a statement which says in part, when we obtain a copy of the tape we'll review it and the case files to determine the facts of this particular incident. sonny, at what point does the justice department get involved in this? >> they're charged with looking at police misconduct and it is a federal crime and perhaps found to be systematic, referred to the justice department they'll start an investigation and that is when police monitorships are put in place like l.a. and detroit. i don't know ft i've called around. i don't think that the justice department is looking at the houston police department yet but it could happen. >> especially with the community activist going drip by drip by
6:40 pm
drip. >> may hear more about the houston police department. >> when the story first started to happen, it's a bigger deal. talk about sext'g now. there's a move under way in states like texas. why are the states introducing penalties for in? >> this is such an epidemic. i say -- i've been calling it a 21st century of you show me yours, i'll show you mine. it's a federal crime to do it and tied to child pornography laws. do we want to put kids in jail with felonies and have them register as sex offenders for this behavior that goes on? to reduce the penalties to misdemeanors makes a lot of sense because they'll be held accountable and won't ruin their lives. >> you know, sonny hosten has great insights into the cases and joins me every saturday at 5:00 eastern right here on cnn.
6:41 pm
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los angeles. anything can happen when superstars share the stage together and trying to outdo each other. brooke anderson knows that. she's the host of hln "showbiz tonight." she has a fantastic job so first things first. what the heck was that -- i don't know. was it lady gaga? what is that? >> reporter: everybody is still asking that same question, don. you say the grammys, anything can happen on stage. anything already has happened here on the red carpet. when lady gaga made the entrance, everything just stopped. everybody just stopped and turned. mouths agape. what in the heck is that? she was in some sort of a m membra membrane-type pod. the title track of the disk of the new album in may and she
6:45 pm
wrote this album as a tribute to the gay lesbian transgender community and wants to send a message with what she's doing here tonight and a lot of people were, you know, where did this inspiration come from? i spoke with her creative director and i said, tell me. what is it? what is it? we'll get to in that second. anything can happen, right? look who we have right here. >> hi, beautiful. >> hi beautiful to you. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> pleasure to meet you. >> you, my goodness. making quite a mark on the red carpet. >> good. >> what is the inspiration for -- it's leopard print. >> yeah. leopard print. i saw it on the runway and i requested it and they obliged and i'm really excited because, you know, i wanted to be on the red carpet for something that wasn't a gown and i'm comfortable which is the first for me on a red carpet. it's not a dress. it's pants and it is like super
6:46 pm
comfortable. >> are those leggings? >> leggings, actually, yeah. >> pockets. >> very comfortable. >> talk to me about the hair. it is leopard print. >> it is. >> bride of frankenstein at the top. >> absolutely. so what happens when you mix leopard print with bride of frankenstein? it's never been done before. >> okay. you make a statement anywhere you go. you were recently on "saturday night live." how fun was that? >> that was probably one of the best experiences i have had so far because, you know, i came from an acting background and like going back in that world and i loved it. the cost, you know, it's a historic show. historic cast. i just couldn't believe they allowed me to do that. i was supposed to be the musical guest and kept on getting -- they did the video short and then the skit and i was blessed and thankful. >> presenter tonight. enjoy yourself. >> thank you.
6:47 pm
take care, honey. beautiful, done. >> don, a run for lady ga dga >> don, a run for lady ga dgga' money. >> that reminds of young frankenstein. >> embracing that look and having fun with it. did you want to get back to lady gaga's correct yative director about the inspiration for the egg? >> do we have time for that? go ahead. let's listen. >> it's quick. >> the inspiration came out of that brilliant record she wrote "born the way" and when's happening actually as you saw the vessel is that she's incubating and it was necessary to incubate her for a certain amount of time because tonight she's actually birthing a new race. >> so don, i'm not sure if she'll be sitting in the audience in that vessel or if she'll just wait to appear on
6:48 pm
stage and be birthed from the vessel. she was very cagey and not many details and lady gaga said she wrote the song "born this way" in ten minutes and opened the floodgates for the rest of the album. wants to make a stimt and impact. see what she does on stage tonight. >> looks like a pirk l or something. one of those little baby pickles. >> i don't know. >> thank you, brooke. we appreciate it. see you soon. >> not very appetizing. bye. >> all right. well, it is an honor so big it takes two presidents to present it. we have that and other stories you can expect to make news in the week ahead.
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now our correspondents from washington to wall street, with their preview of the big stories for the week ahead. we begin at the white house. >> i'm dan lothian at the white house. on monday, president obama heads to baltimore county where he'll lay out key provisions of his 2012 budget. then on tuesday, along with the first president bush he'll be awarding the presidential medal of freedom to 15 individuals. later in the week on thursday, president obama heads west to san francisco for a fundraiser,
6:52 pm
then up to oregon where he'll tour an intel facility and talk about preparing the next generation for high-tech jobs. >> i'm brianna keilar covering capitol hill. the president's budget arrives at the capitol, but the big story we're following -- the showdown over spending cuts, about to hit the house floor with debate and votes. this follows a week when republican leaders had to bow to their conservative members who wanted even more cuts than leaders would initially commit to. >> a week ahead, and wall street will be watching closely at the budget is unveiled. the debt stands at $14 trillion and the president subpoena expected to propose temporary freezing discretionary items and may also call for cuts in defense spending. also, the latest retail sales numbers and two key inflation readings. and we'll get the latest home building numbers, as well as the corporate earnings including
6:53 pm
dell and comcast. that's all ahead. we'll track it for you on cnn money. >> let's go beyond the bodders. the stories we're covering around the world, italy's president in a scandal. what's going on? >> we saw marches of tens of thousands of people across cities in italy, and most of these were women, protesting against berlusconi to have resign. the bigger issue at play is they're calling for women's rights in italy, and they're really upset how women are treated and portrayed in the media. >> he's not setting a good example, but they say the treatment of women in it italy that i don't like it at all. this is one of the biggest scandals he's facing. let's talk about the launch of the european space shuttle. >> they're going to launch the heaviest space shuttle they've ever launched.
6:54 pm
and it's going to weigh 20 tons and can carry up to seven tons of cargo. its primary mission is to service the crew members aboard the international space station. so keep your eye on this. >> all right. and a big contest? >> it's the kissing contest. >> mwah. >> it's taking place, we can put up our map here. it's in thailand. these couples, this started today. and they will be kissing up until valentine's day. they have to continuously kiss. they can go to the bathroom, but they have to have a sham roan. and the world record holder is from germany. how many hours do you think they kissed for. >> 72 hours? >> shorter. 32 hours and seven minutes and 14 seconds. that's a long time. >> i can't even be in the same room with someone for that long. thank you.
6:55 pm
we'll be watching that. >> all right, up next, a mom sends a care package to her son. but sending a puppy in a taped off box? not a good idea. ry board. our field research team. and our product development staff. we know military lives are different. we've been there. that's why our commitment to serve the financial needs of our military, veterans, and their families is without equal. and why, we'll always be there for you... both here... and here. usaa. for insurance, banking, investments, retirement and advice. we know what it means to serve. let us serve you.
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now the minnesota lady who tried to mail a puppy. listen to her try to blame the post office. here's cnn's jeanne mo is. >> reporter: pets are mighty cute in a box, or even their
6:58 pm
head in a box. ♪ he's a dog with a box on his head ♪ ♪ he's a dog with a box on his head ♪ >> reporter: but who would put a pup in a box? take him to the post office and try to mail him from minneapolis to georgia. '. >> priority mail. >> reporter: stacy champion's priority was to mail a puppy to her son for his birthday. >> i wanted to surprise him really, really good. >> reporter: instead she surprised post office workers last month when her package started to move and they heard panting. at one point, post office workers called the postal inspectors to guidance and held the phone up to the box so he could hear the panting inside. worried that the breathing was becomingless frequent, he ordered workers to open the box. champion admitted lying to the postal clerk. >> did you say it was a toy robot to the desk clerk? >> yeah, she kept throwing the box around. so i told her it was a toy robot.
6:59 pm
>> reporter: champion spoke at a hearing to ask to get the pup back plus a refund of the $22 she paid for postage. she was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. >> they don't have a display of what should be shipped or not be shipped. >> the post office figured it would have suffocated or froze in the hold of an airplane. the hearing officer ruled the pup stays put at the animal shelter. >> disgraceful. you can not tell me that you thought you were doing the right thing. >> reporter: maybe she thought her son would be opening a box in a happy scene like the ones on youtube. this puppy will be put up for adoption. he has


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